Send core event

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Apple events YES NO NO macOS


Send core event message (parameters)


Quit Application
Create Publisher
Set Data
Do Script
Open Documents
Print Documents


This command sends one of the "Core" events. The event is sent to the current event recipient unless an application name is provided as a parameter. Note that Open application, Quit application, Open Document and Print Document are compulsory events and will be accepted by an Apple-event-aware recipient at all times. To return a value use Send Core event with return value.

You can disable the compulsory events using the Disable receiving of Apple events command with the Disable compulsory events option checked.


; Quit Application is a compulsory event and always responded to by an Apple event aware
; application. This quits the named application in the Application menu. If no parameter is given
; the current recipient quits by default.
Send finder event {Open Files ('MyHD:TeachText')}
; use TeachText
OK message {Now quit TeachText}
; this will now quit TeachText and reset Omnis by default
Send core event Quit Application ('MyHD:TeachText')
; Open Documents loads the named documents into the target application. If received by
; Omnis, the event uses the Open Library item in the File menu to open each library in turn.
; If the documents are ad-hoc reports, they are opened.
Send core event Open Documents ('MyHD:MyPath:Doc1')
; Create Publisher
Send core event Create Publisher ('Object','Edition Name')
; Create Publisher sends a request to the current recipient to publish the Object (eg: a document,
; spreadsheet or other database), so that your Omnis library can use the data in the Edition Name
Send core event Create Publisher ('MySheet','MonthResults')
; Set Data
Send core event Set Data ('TargetField','SourceField')
; Set Data sends an event to the current recipient that takes the data in SourceField and puts it in
; TargetField. (NB: If SourceField is quoted the actual string is passed into TargetField.)
; This pushbutton method takes the data in the field iCharField and puts it into a spreadsheet cell.
On evClick
  Set current list iList
  Send core event Set Data ('R1:C1',iCharField)
  If flag false
    OK message Error {Error sending core event}
  End If
  Quit event handler
; Do Script
; Do Script sends a script to the current recipient which will be executed. When sending methods
; to Omnis, the Do Script message is only accepted when Omnis is not already executing a method
; or performing an operation. If an event is not accepted, errAEEventNotHandled is returned to
; the sender. When sent to another Apple application such as Hypercard, a script must use
; the script language and syntax of that application.
; The following pushbutton method assumes a script has been entered in the field iScript.
; If the script can be run by the current recipient (local Omnis by default), the results can be seen;
; otherwise the OK error message appears.
On evClick
  Send core event Do Script (iScript)
  If flag false
    OK message Error {Do script Failed}
  End If
  Quit event handler