Send field

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Exchanging data YES NO NO Windows


Send field field-name {server-data-item-name}


DDE command, Omnis as client. This command sends the value of an Omnis field to the current DDE channel. An error occurs if the channel is not open. The command takes the Omnis field name and the server data item name as parameters. The data item name can contain square bracket notation. If the data item name is not specified, the Omnis field name is used.

The flag is set if the server program accepts the value.


Set DDE channel number {2}
Open DDE channel {Omnis|DDE2}
Calculate lString as '[TakeControl]'
Send command {[lString]}
If flag false
  OK message {Error sending: [lString]}
End If
Send field iClient {sName}
Send field iTotal {sTotals}