Send to DDE channel

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Report destinations NO YES NO Windows


Send to DDE channel


This command directs any subsequent reports to a DDE channel. The current channel is defined by Set DDE channel number. An error occurs if the channel is not open or if the report is not printed with an export format.

Each record within the report is prepared and sent by Omnis as the data in a Poke message. The term "Poke" is defined by the DDE protocol and refers to messages carrying data which set field values in the target program. The server's item names, into which the exported data is read, are defined by Set DDE channel item name.

The subsequent print commands will send to the channel number which is current at the time of the print command, not at the time of the Send to DDE channel command.

If you use Send to DDE channel in a reversible block, the report destination reverts to its former setting when the method terminates.

It may be the case that an export format for a particular Omnis report does not correspond to any of the formats supported by DDE. If a mismatch occurs, there will be an error message at the Print report or Prepare for print command.


Send to DDE channel
Set export format {Delimited (commas)}
Set report name rMyReport
Clear DDE channel item names
Set DDE channel item name {Name}
Set DDE channel item name {Telephone}
Print report
Close DDE channel