Send to file

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Report destinations NO YES NO All


Send to file


This command directs the report output to the currently selected print file. The report is sent as a text file (no text style or formatting) with the appropriate line terminators. The print file is not closed when a report finishes so you can print multiple reports without changing the destination or the name of the print file.

When you select the destination using the dialog window (see Prompt for destination), the Page size pushbutton lets you set up the form feeds and lines per page. These settings are stored in the preferences file.

Set lines per page lets you specify page length from methods. If the Send form feed option is selected, the end of each page is marked by a form feed character; otherwise, the pages are forced by sending multiple line feeds. You use Set print file name to designate the file name.

If you use Send to file in a reversible block, the report destination reverts to its former setting when the method terminates.


Send to file
Set lines per page {46}
Calculate lPrintFileName as con(sys(115),'myPrintedReport.txt')
Set print or export file name {[lPrintFileName]}
Print report