Send to trace log

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Debugger NO NO YES All


Send to trace log ([Diagnostic message]) {text}


Diagnostic message If specified, the message will only be added to the trace log, if the trace log has been set to log diagnostic messages


This command sends a specified line of text to the trace log. The text can contain square bracket notation.

For JavaScript client-executed methods, this command sends the text to the JavaScript console (provided it is available).


; send messages to the trace log
Open trace log (Clear trace log)
Send to trace log {Current task is [$ctask().$name]}
Send to trace log {Current class is [$cclass().$name]}
For lCount from 1 to 10 step 1
  Send to trace log {Value lCount is [lCount]}
End For
Send to trace log {End of For Loop}