Set bottom margin

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Report parameters NO NO NO All


Set bottom margin ([Measurement in cms]) {measurement-in-inches/cms}


Measurement in cms If specified ,the measurement parameter is a value in centimetres rather than inches


This command specifies the bottom margin for the current report class. It overrides the $bottommargin property until such time as the current report is reset.


; Prompt user and set appropiate margins
Set report name rMyReport
Yes/No message {Print on metric A4 paper?}
If flag true
  Set bottom margin (Measurement in cms) {2.34}
  Set top margin (Measurement in cms) {1.2}
  Set bottom margin {1.0}
  Set top margin {1.0}
  ; Default measurement is inches
End If
; Alternatively, you can use notation to set the bottom margin
Do $clib.$reports.rMyReport.$bottommargin.$assign(1.0)