Set break calculation

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Debugger NO NO NO All


Set break calculation on field-name {calculation}


This command stops method execution when the specified calculation evaluates to true; all values except zero are considered true. You use Set break calculation after a Variable menu command: Set break on calculation {field-name} command. The field used in the command does not have to feature in the calculation but is used to "label" the break within Omnis.

At breakpoints, a method design window is opened with the current method loaded and the breakpoint command highlighted. You can examine field values by right button/ Ctrl-clicking on the field or step through the remaining method.

Setting up calculated breakpoints slows down method execution considerably so you should use them sparingly. In runtime the command does nothing.


; pause method execution when lMyBoolean=kTrue
Calculate lMyBoolean as kFalse
Variable menu command: Set Break On Calculation {lMyBoolean}
Set break calculation on lMyBoolean {lMyBoolean=kTrue}
For lCount from 1 to 10 step 1
  If lCount=5
    Calculate lMyBoolean as kTrue
  End If
End For