Set DDE channel item name

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Exchanging data YES NO NO Windows


Set DDE channel item name {server-data-item-name}


DDE command, Omnis as client. This command specifies the server data item name to which you can send the exported report. When transmitting a Send to DDE channel report, Omnis takes the channel item name and uses it as the server item name which is to be sent.

The flag is cleared if the item name is too long, thus causing a memory allocation error to take place.

The item names set in the command accumulate over each use of the command until a Clear DDE channel item names is issued.

Within a client library, for example, a report class is created which sends the fields ClF1, ClF2...ClF5 to the current channel. At the server end of the conversation, the fields are to be read into five fields server1, server2...server5. Before you can print the report, the method must contain the following commands:


Set report name rMyReport
Send to DDE channel
Set DDE channel number {1}
Open DDE channel {Omnis|myLibrary}
Send command {[[TakeControl]}
If flag true
  Set DDE channel item name {server1}
  Set DDE channel item name {server2}
  Set DDE channel item name {server3}
  Set DDE channel item name {server4}
  Set DDE channel item name {server5}
  Print report
End If