Set memory-only files

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Files YES YES NO All


Set memory-only files {list-of-files (F1,F2,..,Fn)}


This command sets the file mode of the specified file(s), other than the main file, to memory-only. You can use the fields from a memory-only file as global variables. To do this:

  1. Create a file class with some fields of the required type (Character, Numeric, and so on).

  2. Designate the file class as a memory-only file using this command.

  3. Use the fields in your methods as temporary storage for data.

When a memory-only file is changed to read/write, its fields are not cleared from the current record buffer. Similarly, when a file is changed from read/write to memory-only, its records are not cleared. Memory-only fields are initialized as empty when the library is launched.

If used in a reversible block, Set memory-only files is reversed when the method containing the block finishes. This command does not clear the Prepare for update mode.

In the method editor, a list of files is displayed. You can Ctrl/Cmnd-click on the file names to select multiple names.


; Use the fields in the file class fGlobals as temporary global variables
; which do not get written to a datafile
Set memory-only files {fGlobals}
Calculate fGlobals.gMyGlobalVar as 'My Global Var'