Set record spacing

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Report parameters NO NO NO All


Set record spacing ([Measurement in cms]) {measurement-in-inches/cms}


Measurement in cms If specified, the measurement parameter is a value in centimetres rather than inches


This command specifies the line spacing for the record section of the current report class. It overrides the setting in the record section properties for the current report. The setting remains in force until the next Set report name.


; Set the record spacing for the report rMyReport to 5.2 cms
Set report name rLabels
Set labels across page {3}
Set record spacing (Measurement in cms) {5.2} ;; default is inches
Print report
; Alternatively, you can use notation to set the record spacing
Do $clib.$reports.rLabels.$recordspacing.$assign(5.2)