Set report main file

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Report parameters NO NO NO All


Set report main file {file-name}


This command specifies the main file for the current report. When a report is printed, Omnis uses the main file set by the last Set main fileSet report main file overrides the main file setting by specifying a new main file specifically for the report. The setting remains in force until the next Set report name.

Printing connected files

When printing connected files, it is essential that the child file is made the main file. Only the main file and its connected parent files are automatically read into the current record buffer.

If no sort fields are specified in the report class, the report generator steps through the records in the order defined by the record sequencing number for the main file. Sort fields let you reorder the report records.


; Set the main file to fAccounts for the report rMyReport
Set report name rMyReport
Set report main file {fAccounts}
Clear sort fields
Set sort field fAccounts.Surname
Prompt for destination
Print report
; Alternatively, you can use notation to set the main file
Do $clib.$reports.rMyReport.$mainfile.$assign('fAccounts')