Set search name

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Searches NO YES NO All


Set search name search-name


This command sets the search class to be used with reports, Search list and Find (using search) commands. If no search class name is included, the current search is cleared. Search classes allow subsets of the records to be printed or worked on.

Find first (Use search) command reads in the first record which matches the current search criterion and creates a find table. Subsequent Next commands print out the records in the table.

If used within a reversible block, the search name reverts to its former setting when the method terminates.


; example 1
; example 2
Set search name sArea
Set main file {fOrders}
Clear main & connected
Prepare for print
; create table of records which match
Find first (Use search)
While flag true
  Print record
End While
End print