Show docking area

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Toolbars NO NO NO All


Show docking area ([Show text][,Large Icons][,Variable Text Width]) {docking-area (e.g. kDockingAreaBottom)}


Show text If specified, the docking area will display text for objects that have an associated text string
Large Icons If specified, the docking area will display large icons (32x32) rather than small icons (16x16)
Variable Text Width If specified, and 'Show text' is also specified, the docking area will adjust the width of the objects according to the width of the text


This command opens the top, bottom, left, or right docking area into which toolbars may be installed. The docking area is specified using one of the constants: kDockingAreaTop, kDockingAreaBottom, kDockingAreaLeft, kDockingAreaRight or kDockingAreaFloating.

When a toolbar is created each control may have a text label, for example, a Print button may have the word "Print" associated with it. The Show text option allows these text labels to be shown beneath the buttons.


Show docking area {kDockingAreaLeft}
Install toolbar {tbMyToolbar/kDockingAreaLeft}
; or you can use the notation
Do $root.$prefs.$dockingareas.$assign(kDockingAreaLeft)
Do $clib.$toolbars.tbMyToolbar.$open('*',kDockingAreaLeft) Returns lToolBarRef