Single file find

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Finding data YES YES NO All


Single file find on field-name ([Exact match]) {calculation}


Exact match If specified, the index value of the field in suitable records must equal the current value


This command locates a record in a single file only. It is similar to the standard Find command but is not dependent on the main file; that is, the field used in Single file find does not have to belong to the main file and it does not read in the connected records. You can specify a calculation for Single file find which determines the value used in the Find. The Exact match option with a blank calculation indicates that the command is to be executed using the current value of the field, that is, the file is searched for a record whose index value matches the current value of the specified field.

In multi-user systems, a Single file find while in Prepare for... mode causes additional semaphores to be set. If the record is already locked, the user must wait for access to the record.


; Find account lMyAccCode
Prompt for input Account Code ? Returns lMyAccCode (Cancel button)
Wait for semaphores
Single file find on fAccounts.Code (Exact match) {fAccounts.Code=lMyAccCode}
If flag false
  OK message {Can't find record}
End If