Test for only one user

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Changing data YES NO NO All


Test for only one user ([All data files])


All data files If specified, all data files are tested, rather than just the current data file


This command tests whether the current data file is being used by a single user, and if so sets the flag.

If the All data files check box option is selected, all open data files are tested for a single user. The flag is cleared if any one data file has more than one user.

If the flag is set, further workstations are prevented from logging on to the tested data file(s) until the method containing the test command is terminated. The workstations will see a padlock cursor until the method terminates.

Omnis always sets the flag if the program is running in single user mode. Under Windows, this means that the data is on a DOS volume without the SHARE command having been run.


Test for only one user
If flag false
  OK message {Sorry, option not allowed}
  Quit method kFalse
End If
Do method Invoices/InsertNew