Uncheck menu line

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Menus NO YES NO All


Uncheck menu line line or instance-name/line


This command removes the check mark on the specified line of a menu instance. No action is taken if there is no check mark or the menu instance is not installed. You specify the menu-instance-name and the line-number of the menu line you want to uncheck.

If you use Uncheck menu line in a reversible block, the specified menu line is checked again when the method terminates.


; Test whether a line in the menu instance is checked and
; either check or uncheck it accordingly.
Install menu mView
Test for menu line checked mView/Large
If flag true
  Uncheck menu line mView/Large
  Check menu line mView/Large
End If
; Alternatively, you change the $checked property of a line
; in the menu instance using notation
Do $imenus.mView.$objs.Large.$checked.$assign(kFalse)