Until break

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Constructs NO NO NO All


Until break


This command terminates a repeat loop if the user requests a cancel by either clicking on a working message Cancel button, or by pressing Ctrl-Break under Windows, Ctrl-C under Linux, or Cmnd-period under macOS. Note that the user cannot request a cancel (and therefore cause Until break to terminate the repeat loop) if Disable cancel test at loops has been executed. Note that you can also terminate a repeat loop using Break to end of loop within the loop, or by using one of the alternative Until... commands.


; only way out of this loop is to enter a value greater than 10
Disable cancel test at loops
  Prompt for input Enter a value greater than 10 to exit loop Returns lValue
  If lValue>10
    Break to end of loop
  End If
Until break