Update files

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Changing data YES NO NO All


Update files ([Do not cancel pfu])


Do not cancel pfu If specified, Omnis remains in prepare for update mode after the command finishes, meaning that multi-user locks remain in place, and you can perform further updates


This command writes the records in the current record buffer to disk and cancels the Prepare for... mode. You must execute the command when Omnis is in a Prepare for update mode otherwise an error occurs.

If a warning error code kerrUnqindex or kerrNonull is returned during the execution of this command, the Prepare for update mode is not canceled. This means that you can check for these errors and recover without losing the data the user has already typed in. In fact, if you issue a new Prepare for... command, Omnis will reread records, and any data that is already in the CRB will be lost.

The Do not cancel pfu option prevents the command from canceling Prepare for update mode. Thus, you can make more changes to the data, the multi-user locks remain in place, and another Update files can be executed.

The Update files command causes the indexes in the files to be re-sorted. Thus, in multi-user mode, the files are locked while Update files is executing. You can control this file locking by running Do not wait for semaphores. When Do not wait for semaphores is active, Update files returns flag false and does nothing if the file is locked.


Set main file {fInvoice}
Prepare for insert
Enter data
Update files (Do not cancel pfu)
Set main file {fItems}
For lInvoiceItems.$line from 1 to lInvoiceItems.$linecount step 1
  Prepare for insert
  Load from list
  Update files (Do not cancel pfu)
End For
Update files
; In multi-user mode you can control file locking using Do not wait for semaphores, for example
Wait for semaphores
Prepare for edit
Enter data
Do not wait for semaphores
If flag true
    Working message {Waiting for file locks}
    Update files
  Until flag true
End If