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String NO All




Returns a string formed by concatenating the supplied ASCII character codes.

Any argument with a value less than zero or greater than 255 is ignored.

Only normal printable characters should be stored in Character or National fields. Also, since Omnis uses the character with ASCII value 0 as the end of string marker, this means that if you use this character in any other way, the part of the string following the 0 value is ignored. Control characters in the data file may also cause problems when trying to import or export data. Records with index fields which contain characters with ASCII value 255 may not have the correct index order. It is safe, however, to have unprintable characters in the text for the Transmit text commands.


Calculate lResult as chr(66,111,111,107)
; returns 'Book'

Calculate lResult as chr(257,-1,66,111,111,107)
; returns 'Book', the first two parameters are ignored