Function group Execute on client Platform(s)
Date and Time YES All




Converts a datestring or number to a date value using an optional dateformat string and returns the result. JavaScript client-executed methods do not support number.

If you do not specify a dateformat, the first argument is converted using #FD. You can use the following symbols in the dateformat string:

Y Year (03) d Day (12th)
y Year (2003) W Day of week (5)
C Century (20) w Day of week (Friday)
M Month (06) V Short day of week (Fri)
m Month (JUN) E Day of year (1-366)
n Month (June) G Week of year (1-52)
D Day (12) F Week of month (1-6)


Calculate Calculate lDate as dat('May 8th, 03')
; returns '8 MAY 03' if #FD = 'D m Y'

Calculate lDate as dat('May 8th, 2003','MDY')
; returns 050803

Calculate lDate as dat(91,'w, d n, y')
; returns 'Monday, 1st April, 1901' i.e. the 91st day of 1901