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Returns the difference between two dates, date1 and date2, in the units specified by a datepart constant; the specified dates are included in the evaluation.

When you specify one of the day of the week constants (kSunday thru kSaturday) as the datepart argument, you get the number of occurrences of that day between the two dates. When you specify kYear,kQuarter, kMonth, or kWeek as the datepart argument, the function counts the end of years, quarters, months, or weeks between the two dates.

The datepart constants that you can use are: kYear, kMonth, kWeek, kQuarter, kDay, kSunday thru kSaturday, kHour, kMinute, kSecond, kCentiSecond.


Calculate lDiff as ddiff(kMonth,"1/31/03","3/1/03")
; returns 2

Calculate lDiff as ddiff(kDay,"4/8/03",#D)
; returns 30, the number of days between the two dates, assume #D is May 8, 2003