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Changes the current working directory to the directory named in cPath. Pathnames can be over 255 characters, which was the limit in Studio 8.0.1 or earlier.

$changeworkingdir() only switches between directories on the same drive, not between drives. The function returns an error code, or zero if successful: see the FileOps function error codes.

Note: Applications on macOS do not have a working directory. If you use this function on macOS, it returns the error code kFileOpsNoOperation.


Switch platform()
  Case 'X' ;; for macOS
    Quit method ;; working directories not supported
  Case 'U' ;; for Linux
    Do FileOps.$changeworkingdir('/omnis/examples') Returns lError
  Default ;; for Windows platforms
    Do FileOps.$changeworkingdir('c:\omnis\examples') Returns lError
End Switch
OK message {Working directory is now: [FileOps.$getworkingdir()]}