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Moves the file cFromPath to the new location cToPath. Pathnames can be over 255 characters, which was the limit in Studio 8.0.1 or earlier.

cFromPath is the pathname of the file to be moved. cToPath is the pathname of the destination folder into which the file will be moved (if you include a file name in cToPath the function will fail under macOS); the file to be moved must not already exist in the destination folder. The function returns an error code, or zero if successful: see the FileOps function error codes.

To copy a file, rather than move it, use $copyfile().

Note that $movefile() cannot move a file across volumes. Use $copyfile() and $deletefile() instead.


Do FileOps.$movefile(
'c:\omnis\examples\extcomp\extcomp.lbs','c:\omnis\startup\extcomp.lbs') Returns lError
; moves the library 'extcomp.lbs' to the Omnis\Startup folder