FileOps Function Error Codes

The following errors are returned from the FileOps functions.

Constant Code Description
kFileOpsNoOperation 999 Operation not supported on this platform
kFileOpsUnknownError 998 Unknown error
kFileOpsOutOfMemory 12 Out of memory
kFileOpsParamError 1 Too few parameters passed
kFileOpsOK 0 No Error
kFileOpsDirFull -33 File/Directory full
kFileOpsDiskFull -34 Disk full
kFileOpsVolumeNotFound -35 Specified volume does not exist
kFileOpsDiskIOError -36 Disk I/O error
kFileOpsBadName -37 Bad file name or volume name (perhaps zero-length)
kFileOpsFileNotOpen -38 File not open
kFileOpsEndOfFile -39 Logical end-of-file reached during read operation
kFileOpsPositionBeforeStart -40 Attempt to position before the start of the file
kFileOpsTooManyFilesOpen -42 Too many files open
kFileOpsFileNotFound -43 File not found
kFileOpsHardwareVolumeLock -44 Volume is locked by a hardware setting
kFileOpsFileLocked -45 File is locked
kFileOpsSoftwareVolumeLock -46 Volume is locked by a software flag
kFileOpsMoreFilesOpen -47 One or more files are open
kFileOpsAlreadyExists -48 A file with the specified name already exists
kFileOpsAlreadyWriteOpen -49 Only one access path to a file can allow writing
kFileOpsNoDefaultVolume -50 No default volume
kFileOpsVolumeNotOnline -53 Volume not on-line
kFileOpsPermissionDenied -54 Permission denied.
kFileOpsReadOnlyFile -54 Read only file
kFileOpsVolumeAlreadyMounted -55 Specified volume is already mounted and on-line
kFileOpsBadDrive -56 No such drive number
kFileOpsInvalidFormat -57 Volume lacks Macintosh-format directory
kFileOpsExternalSystemError -58 External file system error
kFileOpsProblemDuringRename -59 Problem during rename
kFileOpsBadMasterBlock -60 Master directory block is bad; must re-initialize volume
kFileOpsCantOpenLockedFile -61 Cannot open a locked file
kFileOpsDirectoryNotFound -120 Directory not found
kFileOpsTooManyDirOpen -121 Too many working directories open
kFileOpsCantMoveToOffspring -122 Attempted to move into offspring
kFileOpsNonHFSOperation -123 Attempt to do HFS operation on a non-HFS volume
kFileOpsInternalSystemError -127 Internal file system error