Function group Execute on client Platform(s)
Font handling NO Windows, Linux




Returns a list of fonts currently installed in your system, including the font name and type.

Note that fontlist() is deprecated. Use FontOps.$replistfonts() or FontOps.$winlistfonts() instead.

The listname parameter is any list field or variable. A return value of 0 indicates no fonts found or some error, otherwise 1 is returned indicating a list was built. You should define the following columns in your list field or variable.

Column 1 Column 2 (Optional) Column 3 (Optional)
String variable to hold name of the font Numeric variable to hold value (0..7) for type of font String variable to hold a name for the value in column 2. This will be a combination of "Raster", "Vector", "TrueType" together with "Fixed" or "Proportional"


Set current list lFontList
Define list {lFontName,lFontType,lFontDesc}
If fontlist(lFontList)<>0
  Redraw lists
End If