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What's New in Studio 8.0.3

Outlines new features and enhancements added to Omnis Studio 8.0, 8.0.1, 8.0.2, and 8.0.3.

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Creating Web & Mobile Apps

Describes how you create web and mobile apps using the JavaScript Client, including Remote form design, and JavaScript components, as well as the Omnis App Server for deploying your applications.

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Omnis Programming

Describes programming enterprise and client/server applications using Omnis Studio including: Object orientation, Window programming, List programming, Reporting, and Connecting to SQL databases.

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Extending Omnis

Describes how you can extend Omnis including: REST-based Web Services, JSON, Java Objects, .NET objects, oXML, Encryption, Web comms, Graphs/Charts, Remote Studio, and Automation.

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Building & Customizing Standalone Apps

Describes how you can build and deploy standalone mobile apps for Android and iOS using the Application Wrappers. This manual describes the steps required in order to create and deploy your own customized wrapper app for each of these platforms.

Building the iOS Wrapper    Building the Android Wrapper

Omnis Command Reference

This manual contains a description of every 4GL command available in Omnis Studio.

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Omnis Function Reference

This manual contains a description of every function available in Omnis Studio.

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Omnis Notation Reference

This manual contains a description of all notation methods and standard properties available in Omnis Studio.

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Supplementary Manuals

Supplementary manuals are provided in PDF format.

What's New in Omnis Studio 6.1.3 (incl 6.0 to 6.1.3 information)

SQLite Synchronization Server
View online (Studio 8.0.2) or download as PDF: Studio 8.0.2 Studio 8.0.1

SQL Reserved Words

Using the Omnis Data Bridge

Using the ODBC Data Bridge

Shortcut Keys and Mouse Usage


Appendix - FileOps Errors

Appendix - Web Errors

Appendix - Platform Specific Programming

How to Use Acrobat Search

External component documentation
View online or download as PDF: Extcomp.pdf updated May 2010


Omnis Web Services (WSDL only, see Extending Omnis manual for REST based Web Services)