$root Notation

The root of the notation tree


$activetask The active task
$cclass The class which contains the current executing method
$ccompevent The current external component event
$cdata The current open data file
$cdevice The current report destination
$cfield The field whose method is currently executing
$cinst The instance which contains the current executing method
$clib The library which contains the current executing method
$clibstartuptask The startup task for the library containing the current executing method
$cmethod The current executing method
$cobj The object that was sent the current event
$cparmcount The number of parameters that the caller has passed to the method
$crecipient The recipient of the custom attribute currently being processed
$ctarget The target field which is sent keyboard events
$ctask The current task
$cwind The current open window instance
$defaulttask The default task
$inherited Used when referring to a method or variable defined in a superclass
$topwind The top open window instance


Object specific
$bringomnistofront $bringomnistofront() Notifies the operating system that Omnis wishes to come to the front
$clearcachedforms $clearcachedforms() clears the remote form server cache
$exechelp $exechelp(cInstName,cWindowTitle,cHelpFolder[,cDocumentName,cTopic,bIDEhelpFolder=kFalse]) Opens the help search window or displays specified document or topic
cInstName specifies the optional instance name of the help window; cWindowTitle specifies the optional window title; cHelpFolder specifies a help folder name, overriding the folder named in $helpfoldername; cDocumentName specifies the name and partial path of the help topic to be displayed, if empty help searches on the topic specified in cTopic; cTopic specifies the title or beginning of a topic title. If cDocumentName is empty and a topic title is specified, help attempts to locate the topic. If no topic is found, the help window enters the given text into the word search entry field and displays any topics found. If both cDocumentName and cTopic are empty, the contents list is displayed.
$getodbfilelist $getodbfilelist(lList,[cHostIP]) Retrieves a list of datafiles registered with the Omnis Data Bridge server. HostIP should be of the form 'odb://ip-address:port'. If omitted, the value of $odbserver is used
$getprinterlist $getprinterlist(lList) Populates lList with a list of all available printers
$promptforicon $promptforicon([rLibrary,iIconIdToSelect=0,bIncludeHashIcons=kTrue,iSizesRequired=0]) Opens the select icon dialog and returns the icon chosen or zero if the user presses cancel
$runapplescript $runapplescript(cScript[,&cResult,&cError]) (macOS only) compiles and executes AppleScript cScript.Returns zero for success,or a non-zero error value.Result of script is returned to cResult.If the script fails,cError receives error text
If $runapplescript is called by a web client method in the Multi-threaded server, and the script executes for longer than $root.$prefs.$timeslice, Omnis schedules another thread to execute in parallel with the script.
$sfsmember $sfsmember(cSetname,iUniqueID) returns an item reference to the remote form instance for the subform set member with the specified unique ID in the named subform set in the current remote task
Standard $redraw


$components $constants $datas $devices
$extobjects $hashvardefs $hashvars $imenus
$iremoteforms $iremotetasks $ireports $itasks
$itoolbars $iwindows $libs $modes
$prefs $sessionpools $sessions


Notation for items not attached to the notation tree:

External objects
List defined from SQL class
List row
Remote Menu Instance
Tree node