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The group of constants.


Standard $appendlist $count $findident $findname $first $insertlist $makelist $next $sendall


3D styles (Obsolete see Border styles) Alignment Automation Library Background Themes
Boolean values Border styles Button border styles Buttons
Class types Client Platform Clock Library-ClockColor Clock Library-TimeZones
ColorPalStyles Colors Component store Context help
Cursors Data grid types Data subtypes Data types
Date parts DesignDPImode Devices Drag and drop
Error codes Event handler Export formats FadePict Library-FadeStyle
File modes FileOps FishEye Library-FishEye Position Floating edges
Font styles FontOps Format types Gradients
Graph2 Library Grid objects HTML Device Icons
JavaCore JavaObjs Library JavaScript animation curves JavaScript borders
JavaScript error text JavaScript formatting Key modifiers Keyboard
Line styles Lists MCI Library Menu positions
Mouse position MYSQLDAM-Client Flags MYSQLDAM-Connect Options Navigation Menu Library
NVD General Errors Obsolete ODBCDAM-DSN Types ODBCDAM-Isolation Level
ODBCDAM-ODBC Mode ODBCDAM-Prompt Mode ODBCDAM-Request Types ODBCDAM-Transaction Types
ODBCDAM-Trusted Connections Omnis PDF Device ORACLE8DAM-AuthenticationMode ORACLE8DAM-Credentials
macOS print destinations OWEB OXML Page setup
Paper sizes Patterns Performance data PGSQLDAM-Connection Status
PGSQLDAM-Seek Mode PGSQLDAM-Transaction Status Picture alignment Platform
Port parameters PortProfile Printer Notifications QuickTime3 Library
RegAdmin Remote form Remote menu Report Border Positions
Report Lists Library-Column Types Report Lists Library-Directions Report Lists Library-Grid DPI Report positions
Report sections Report subtotals Report toolbars Report totals
RF: jsActivity RF: jsBack RF: jschrt1 RF: jschrt2
RF: jsDatePicker RF: jsDevice RF: jsDgrd RF: jsEdit
RF: jsFile RF: jsmap RF: jsNativeList RF: jsNativeSwitch
RF: jsNavMenu RF: jsPict RF: jsPopm RF: jsSegmented
RF: jsTabs RF: jsTree RPC parameter types RTF Device
Search line types Session character map Session commit mode Session Encoding
Session Errors Session rollback mode Session state Session transactions
Shared pictures Sidebar Library-SidebarLabelPos Sidebar Library-SidebarWashDirections Smart list status
Special characters SpreadSheet Grid Library-SelectionMode SQLITEDAM-TransactionType Statement Errors
Statement Flags Statement index type Statement state Statement table type
Status Bar Position Status bars StringTable Subform sets
System Colors TabBar Library Tabbed Panes Tables
Taskbar Text escapes Toolbar Options Toolbars
Tools Tray Library Tree field Tree Library
Unicode types Wash Library-WASHDirections Web Services Welcome
Window and Report objects Window positions Window styles Worker errors
Worker State