Parent: $root.$devices

The following methods are available for some printing devices only. $cando() returns true if the device supports the method.


Object specific
$cangeneratepages If true, the device can generate paged reports
$cankeepopen If true, it is safe to keep the device open for long periods
$iconid The icon identifier used to reference the icon
$isopen If true, the device is open
$istextbased If true, the device is a text or raw data device
$title The window title
Standard $ident $name $visible


Object specific
$flush $flush() flushes the device
$getparam $getparam(nParamNumber) Returns the value of the specified custom device parameter
$open $open() opens the device for transmitting or printing
$senddata $senddata(xData[,xData,...]) sends data to device
$sendtext $sendtext(cText[,bNewLine=kFalse,bFormFeed=kFalse]) sends text cText to device;if bNewLine is true the text is followed by the newline character sequence;if bFormFeed is true the text (and newline if specified) is followed by a formfeed
$setparam $setparam(nParamNumber,value[,nParamNumber,value...]) sets the value(s) of the specified custom device parameter(s)
Standard $canclose $close