Hash Variables: General

Parent: $root.$hashvars

#??? Displayed by Omnis when a reference is made to a field which does not exist.
This can occur when you delete a field name from a file class or when a window class is copied into your library that references non-existing fields (for example, the corresponding file class has not been copied). This is a "special" variable with zero length, hence it cannot hold data.
#CT Read-only long integer variable storing number of ticks elapsed since system boot (for a JavaScript client executed method, since midnight on 1 Nov 2011);a tick is 1/60th of a second; as #CT is an integer, its value can overflow and restart at zero
#EDATA Read-only Boolean variable, which is true if the top user window is in enter data mode
#F Numeric variable which stores the status of the Omnis flag; it can be <i>true (numeric value of 1) or <i>false (numeric value of 0).
#MODIFIED Read-only Boolean variable, which can be tested during evAfter events for window fields. It is true if the data for the window field has been modified while the field had the focus.
#MU Read-only numeric variable which stores the current workstation number (#MU=0 when Omnis is running in single-user mode). When in multi-user mode, Omnis automatically assigns a number to each workstation.
The numbers are not necessarily contiguous and often jump in multiples of 255 depending on the serial numbers of the workstations currently logged on. For data files on PC hard disks which are non-sharable, #MU is set equal to 0. When a user quits using a data file, the #MU number is made available for a new user.
#NULL Returns a NULL value. You can use it to assign a null value to a field or variable. A null value is not the same as zero (for numeric and Boolean data types) or empty (for non-numeric or Boolean data types).
When a field has a value of null, it is completely unknown as to what that value is, and there is therefore no way to operate on that field.
#UL Read-only numeric variable which stores the current user level in the password security system. It has a range 0 to 8, where a value of 0 represents the master user level.