Hash Variables: Math

Parent: $root.$hashvars

#FDP Numeric variable which specifies the format used for display or string conversion of a floating point number; it does not affect how the values are stored internally by Omnis. #FDP defaults to 12 for a newly selected library file.
If #FDP is positive, then floating numbers are displayed with #FDP digits in decimal format if possible or otherwise in 'e' format. 
If #FDP is negative, then floating numbers are always displayed with exactly abs(#FDP) digits in 'e' format.
#PI Read-only numeric variable which stores the value of pi.
#RAD Local boolean variable which controls whether the angles for trigonometric functions are in degrees or radians; the default is degrees. If you set #RAD to true, angles are in radians.
#RATE Numeric variable which stores the initial guess of interest rate with which an annuity is calculated. #RATE defaults to 0.05 for a newly selected library file.