Parent: $root.$iremoteforms.REMOTEFORM.$objs

Class notation


Warning: with the exception of $componentctrl, $componentlib, $ident, $name and $objtype, the values of properties can only be read in client methods.

Object specific
$autoclose If true,the popup closes automatically when the mouse exits the popup
$disabledefaultcontextmenu If true, the default context menu for the object will not be generated in response to a context click ($clib.$disabledefaultcontextmenu and $cobj.$disabledefaultcontextmenu must both be false for the menu to be generated)
$extraspace A number of pixels (>= 0). If $extraspace is zero,the height of each row is the default height of the row content. If $extraspace is greater than zero, the height of each row is the font height + $extraspace
$hotbackcolor The background color of a row when the mouse is over it
$hottextcolor The color of the text when the mouse is over it.
$isvertical If true, the popup is vertical
$listcolumn The column of the list variable that is used to populate the control
$shouldunderline If true, the links are underlined.
$text The text or calculation stored with the object
Standard $align $alpha $autoscroll $backalpha $backcolor $bordercolor $componentctrl $componentlib $contextmenu $cssclassname $dataname $dateformat $dateformatcustom $disablesystemfocus $dragborder $edgefloat $effect $enabled $errortext $errortextpos $events $fieldstyle $font $fontsize $fontstyle $height $horzscroll $ident $left $linestyle $name $numberformat $objtype $order $textcolor $tooltip $top $userinfo $vertscroll $visible $width


Standard evClick evDragBorder evExecuteContextMenu evOpenContextMenu