Parent: $root.$iremoteforms.REMOTEFORM.$objs

Class notation


Warning: with the exception of $componentctrl, $componentlib, $ident, $name and $objtype, the values of properties can only be read in client methods.

Object specific
$::currentpage The current page number
$::pagecount The number of pages
$currentpageindicatorcolor The color of the page indicator for the current page
$disabledefaultcontextmenu If true, the default context menu for the object will not be generated in response to a context click ($clib.$disabledefaultcontextmenu and $cobj.$disabledefaultcontextmenu must both be false for the menu to be generated)
$linkedobject The name of a paged pane object on the current remote form. When the paged pane exists, the page control reflects the current state of the paged pane: its property settings are taken from the paged pane and it does not generate events
$pageindicatorcolor The color of the page indicators for all pages except the current page
Standard $alpha $backalpha $backcolor $componentctrl $componentlib $contextmenu $cssclassname $disablesystemfocus $dragborder $edgefloat $enabled $errortext $errortextpos $events $fieldstyle $height $ident $left $name $objtype $order $tooltip $top $userinfo $visible $width


Object specific

Sent to the page control when the page has been changed

pEventCode The event code
pValue The new page
Standard evDragBorder evExecuteContextMenu evOpenContextMenu