Parent: $root.$iremoteforms.REMOTEFORM.$objs

Class notation


Warning: with the exception of $componentctrl, $componentlib, $ident, $name and $objtype, the values of properties can only be read in client methods.

Object specific
$borderradius Radius for rounded border corners.1 to 4 pixel values separated by -,in order topleft, topright, bottomright, bottomleft. If bottomleft is omitted it is topright. If bottomright is omitted it is topleft. If topright is omitted it is topleft
$currentpage The current page. For the window paged pane object,assigning a different value to $currentpage at runtime generates an evTabSelected event
$pagecount The page count for the control
$scrolltochangepage If true, the pages are laid out horizontally, and the user can change the current page by scrolling horizontally. When the user changes the current page by scrolling,the paged pane control generates an evUserChangedPage event
Standard $alpha $autoscroll $backalpha $backcolor $bordercolor $contextmenu $cssclassname $dataname $disablesystemfocus $dragborder $edgefloat $effect $enabled $errortext $errortextpos $events $height $ident $left $linestyle $name $objtype $order $tooltip $top $userinfo $visible $width


$makegroupbox $makegroupbox(cLabel[,cFont,cFontSize,cTextColor]) Client-executed method that converts the JavaScript client paged pane to a group box with the specified label that uses the CSS font, font size and text color.Can be called from $init


Object specific

The current page of a paged pane object has been changed by the user, either by scrolling the paged pane (when $scrolltochangepage is kTrue),or by using the linked page control object

pEventCode The event code
pPageNumber The number of the new page selected by the user
Standard evDragBorder evExecuteContextMenu evOpenContextMenu