Parent: $root.$iremoteforms.REMOTEFORM.$objs

Class notation


Warning: with the exception of $componentctrl, $componentlib, $ident, $name and $objtype, the values of properties can only be read in client methods.

Object specific
$borderradius Radius for rounded border corners.1 to 4 pixel values separated by -, in order topleft, topright, bottomright, bottomleft. If bottomleft is omitted it is topright. If bottomright is omitted it is topleft. If topright is omitted it is topleft
$disabledefaultcontextmenu If true, the default context menu for the object will not be generated in response to a context click ($clib.$disabledefaultcontextmenu and $cobj.$disabledefaultcontextmenu must both be false for the menu to be generated)
$iconid The icon identifier used to reference the icon
$keepaspectratio If true, and $noscale is false,the aspect ratio of the picture is maintained when it is scaled
$keepaspectratiomode A kKAR... constant that indicates how the picture is scaled and positioned when $keepaspectratio is true and $noscale is false
kKARcenter kKARfill kKARtopLeft
$mediatype If $iconid is not set,$mediatype specifies the content of the $dataname variable:$mediatype empty means the content is a URL,non-empty (e.g. image/png) means the content is binary image data of the type specified by $mediatype
$noscale If true, the picture field does not scale the picture
$picturealign A kPAL... constant which,together with $horzscroll and $vertscroll (and $autoscroll for the JavaScript client),identifies where the picture will be positioned in the field
kPALbottomCenter kPALbottomLeft kPALbottomRight kPALcenterkPALcenterLeft kPALcenterRight kPALtopCenter kPALtopLeft kPALtopRight
$tile If true, image is tiled
Standard $alpha $autoscroll $backalpha $backcolor $bordercolor $componentctrl $componentlib $contextmenu $cssclassname $dataname $disablesystemfocus $dragborder $edgefloat $effect $enabled $errortext $errortextpos $events $fieldstyle $height $horzscroll $ident $left $linestyle $name $objtype $order $tooltip $top $userinfo $vertscroll $visible $width


Standard evBefore evClick evDragBorder evExecuteContextMenu evOpenContextMenu