Parent: $root.$iwindows.WINDOW
The group of objects for the class or instance or container


Object specific
$add $add(type [,cComponentLibrary, cComponentControl], iTop, iLeft, iHeight, iWidth [,bInvisible=kFalse, bDisabled=kFalse]) or $add(object) adds a new object to the container and returns an item reference to it

type is a constant, for example kTreeList; note that you cannot use a type constant that specifies a background object (see $bobjs).
If type is kComponent, you must supply the optional parameters cComponentLibrary and cComponentControl to identify a foreground object external component that works with windows.
iTop, iLeft, iHeight and iWidth specify the pixel coordinates and pixel dimensions of the object.
$visible for the new object is set to not(bInvisible)
$enabled for the new object is set to not(bDisabled)

Alternatively, you can use the form $add(object) where object is an item reference to a foreground object in a window instance or window class. In this case, Omnis creates and adds a new object which is a copy of the parameter object.
$remove $remove(rItem) Deletes the object from the window instance; rItem is an item reference to the object to delete
Standard $addafter $addbefore $appendlist $count $findident $findname $first $insertlist $makelist $next $sendall


Children of the WINDOW.$objs group are individual window class controls, e.g. Entry field, kEntry.