Constants: Floating edges

Parent: $root.$constants

kEFall All edges floating
kEFbottom Bottom edge floating
kEFleftRight Left and right edges floating
kEFleftRightBottom Left,right and bottom edges floating
kEFnone No floating edges
kEFposnBottomToolBar Place field in bottom toolbar position
kEFposnClient Place field in the client position
kEFposnHorzHeader Field is the horizontal header
kEFposnJoinHeaders Field is located where the horizontal and vertical headers meet
kEFposnLeftToolBar Place field in left toolbar position
kEFposnMainHeader Field is the main header
kEFposnMenuBar Place field in menu bar position
kEFposnRightToolBar Place field in right toolbar position
kEFposnStatusBar Place field in status bar position
kEFposnTopToolBar Place field in top toolbar position
kEFposnVertHeader Field is the vertical header
kEFright Right edge floating
kEFrightBottom Right and bottom edges floating
kEFrightTopBottom Right,top and bottom edges floating
kEFruntimeAllCenter Applied at runtime only.All edges floating, keeping the control centered in its parent
kEFruntimeLeftRightCenter Applied at runtime only.Left and right edges floating,keeping the control centered horizontally in its parent
kEFruntimeTopBottomCenter Applied at runtime only.Top and bottom edges floating, keeping the control centered vertically in its parent
kEFtopBottom Top and bottom edges floating