Constants: MYSQLDAM-Client Flags

Parent: $root.$constants

kMySqlFlagCompress Enable use of compression protocol
kMySqlFlagConnectWithDB One can specify database on connect
kMySqlFlagFoundRows Retrieve 'found' instead of 'affected' rows
kMySqlFlagIgnoreSigPipe Ignore sigpipes
kMySqlFlagIgnoreSpace Ignore spaces before '('
kMySqlFlagInteractive This is an interactive client
kMySqlFlagLocalFiles Enable use of LOAD DATA LOCAL
kMySqlFlagLongFlag Get all column flags
kMySqlFlagLongPassword Use new more secure passwords
kMySqlFlagMultiResults Enable/disable multi-results
kMySqlFlagMultiStatements Enable/disable multi-stmt support
kMySqlFlagNoSchema Don't allow database.table.column syntax
kMySqlFlagODBC ODBC client
kMySqlFlagProtocol41 Use 4.1 protocol
kMySqlFlagRememberOptions Remember options specified by calls to $connectoption()
kMySqlFlagSecureConnection New 4.1 authentication
kMySqlFlagSSL Switch to SSL after handshake
kMySqlFlagTransactions Client knows about transactions