Constants: MYSQLDAM-Connect Options

Parent: $root.$constants

kMySqlOptCompress Use the compressed client/server protocol
kMySqlOptConnectTimeout Connect timeout in seconds
kMySqlOptDataTruncation Enable or disable reporting of data truncation errors for prepared statements (enabled by default)
kMySqlOptEmbeddedConnection Not used
kMySqlOptGuessConnection Not used
kMySqlOptInitCommand Command to execute when connecting to the MySQL server
kMySqlOptLocalInifile If param <> 0, the command LOAD LOCAL INFILE is enabled
kMySqlOptNamedPipe Use named pipes to connect to a MySQL server on NT
kMySqlOptProtocol Type of protocol to use (mysql_protocol_type)
kMySqlOptReadDefaultFile Read options from the named option file instead of from 'my.cnf'
kMySqlOptReadDefaultGroup Read options from the named group from 'my.cnf' or the file specified with kMySqlReadDefaultFile
kMySqlOptReadTimeout Timeout for reads from server (works currently only on Windows on TCP/IP connections)
kMySqlOptReconnect Enable or disable automatic reconnection to the server if the connection is found to have been lost
kMySqlOptRemoteConnection Not used
kMySqlOptSecureAuth Whether to connect to a server that does not support the password hashing used in MySQL 4.1.1 and later
kMySqlOptSetCharsetDir The pathname to the directory that contains character set definition files
kMySqlOptSetCharsetName The name of the character set to use as the default character set
kMySqlOptSetClientIP Not used
kMySqlOptSharedMemBase Not used
kMySqlOptUseResult Not used
kMySqlOptVerifyCert Enable or disable verification of the server's Common Name value in its certificate against the host name used when connecting to the server
kMySqlOptWriteTimeout Timeout for writes to server (works currently only on Windows on TCP/IP connections)