Constants: Navigation Menu Library

Parent: $root.$constants

kNavMenuCascadeFlagExpand If set, and kNavMenuCascadeFlagOpenOnParentEdge is also set,the cascaded menu expands if necessary to the width or height of the parent
kNavMenuCascadeFlagNone No cascade flag specified
kNavMenuCascadeFlagOpenOnParentEdge If set,the cascaded menu opens on the relevant edge of the parent menu, rather than opening on the relevant edge of the parent entry
kNavMenuCascadeFlagUseDefault If set,use the default cascaded menu flags for the control ($defaultcascadeflags) and ignore any other flags
kNavMenuCascadeFlagUseEventToPopulate If set,the control sends evLoadCascade in order to populate the cascaded menu
kNavMenuCascadeFlagUseEventWhenRequired If set,and kNavMenuCascadeFlagUseEventToPopulate is also set,only send evLoadCascade when data is required again for some reason,rather than each time the menu opens
kNavMenuFlagBreadcrumb Only applies to line 1 of the $dataname menu list.If set,the menu is a breadcrumb control,and for the $dataname list,kNavMenuFlagHorizontalLayout is turned on,and kNavMenuFlagEndOfRowOrColumn is ignored
kNavMenuFlagBreadcrumbSeparator If set,and kNavMenuFlagBreadcrumb is set and applies to line 1,the entry draws the breadcrumb separator
kNavMenuFlagDisabled If set,the menu entry is disabled
kNavMenuFlagEndOfRowOrColumn If set,the menu entry for this line is the last entry in the current row or column in the layout for the menu (row or column depends on whether layout is horizontal or vertical respectively)
kNavMenuFlagHorizontalLayout Only applies to line 1 of a menu or cascaded menu list.If not set,entries are laid out vertically;if set,entries are laid out horizontally
kNavMenuSideBottom The bottom side
kNavMenuSideLeft The left side
kNavMenuSideNone No side specified
kNavMenuSideRight The right side
kNavMenuSideTop The top side
kNavMenuTypeCascade The list line represents a cascaded menu entry,meaning that when the mouse is over the menu entry (for a hot menu) or when the entry is clicked,the cascaded menu opens
kNavMenuTypeEntry The list line represents a text menu entry which when enabled (the default) can be clicked
kNavMenuTypeHeading The list line represents a heading entry (used to group the other entries)
kNavMenuTypeImage The list line represents an image menu entry which when enabled (the default) can be clicked. Each menu page can only have a single image entry which is positioned at the end of the page