Constants: NVD General Errors

Parent: $root.$constants

kDAMFileOpenFailed The file could not be opened
kDAMFileReadFailed The file could not be read
kDAMInternalError An internal error occurred. Contact Technical Support
kDAMInvalidFileName The specified file cannot be opened
kDAMInvalidIndexType Not a valid index type
kDAMInvalidMapType Not a valid map type
kDAMInvalidTableType Not a valid table type
kDAMInvalidTranMode Not a valid transaction mode
kDAMNativeErrorFailed The native error could not be reported
kDAMNoError No error has been reported
kDAMNoPendingError There is no pending error to report
kDAMNotSerialised The serial number does not allow you to use this DAM
kDAMNotUnicode Not supported by a Unicode DAM
kDAMParameterError A method parameter could not be processed
kDAMParameterNumError The number of method parameters is incorrect
kDAMParameterTypeError The type of a method parameter is incorrect
kDAMServerMethodFailed The server specific method failed
kDAMServerPropertyFailed The server specific property could not be set
kDAMSqlError A SQL error occurred
kDAMUnknownError An unknown error has been reported
kDAMWrongOmnisVersion DAM cannot be used with this version