Constants: Session Errors

Parent: $root.$constants

kSessionBeginFailed A transaction could not be started
kSessionBindMarkerFailed The bind variable marker could not be read
kSessionClearFailed An error occured when clearing the session
kSessionColTextFailed The coltext method failed
kSessionCommitFailed The commit failed
kSessionInvalidSQLSeparator An invalid separator character was specified
kSessionLobChunkSizeOutOfRange The chunksize specified is out of range
kSessionLobThresholdOutOfRange The threshold specified is out of range
kSessionLogoffFailed The connection could not be terminated
kSessionLogonFailed A connection could not be established
kSessionNewStatementFailed The statement object could not be created
kSessionNoDriverManager ODBC Driver Manager not found
kSessionNoMapTable There is no map table specified
kSessionNotLoggedOn The session must be logged on
kSessionNoTranSupport The DBMS does not support transactions
kSessionNotTranManual The transaction mode is not manual
kSessionRegisterFailed The session could not be registered - perhaps the name is already in use
kSessionRollbackFailed The rollback failed
kSessionRpcDefineFailed The RPC could not be defined
kSessionRpcNotDefined The specified RPC is not defined
kSessionSetCharMapFailed The session's character map could not be set
kSessionSetMapTableFailed The character map table could not be set
kSessionSetTranModeFailed The transaction mode could not be set
kSessionUsesAutoBegin Transactions are automatically started