Constants: Statement Errors

Parent: $root.$constants

kStatementBindInputVarFailed An error occurred binding an input variable
kStatementBindResultColFailed An error occurred binding a result column
kStatementBufferAllocationFailed The data buffers could not be allocated
kStatementClearFailed The statement could not be cleared
kStatementCloseFailed The statement could not be closed
kStatementDescribeFailed The result set could not be described
kStatementDropFailed The statement could not be dropped
kStatementExecDirectFailed The statement could not be executed directly
kStatementExecuteFailed The statement could not be executed
kStatementFetchFailed The rows could not be fetched
kStatementHasNoSession The statement is not associated with a session
kStatementInputVarFailed An error occurred with an input variable
kStatementInsertRowFailed A row could not be added to the list
kStatementNoFetchList There is no list to fetch into
kStatementNoFilename There is no file to fetch into
kStatementNoResults There are no results to process
kStatementNotPrepared The statement must be prepared
kStatementPrepareFailed The statement could not be prepared
kStatementResultColFailed An error occurred with a result column
kStatementReturnedInfo The statement returned information in $nativeerrortext
kStatementRpcGetParamValuesError Error getting RPC parameter values
kStatementRpcPrepareParamsError Error preparing RPC parameters
kStatementSendInputVarFailed An error occurred sending an input variable
kStatementSendResultVarFailed An error occurred sending a result column
kStatementServerColumnsFailed The columns could not be queried
kStatementServerIndexesFailed The indexes could not be queried
kStatementServerResultsFailed The result set could not be queried
kStatementServerRpcParametersFailed The RPC procedure parameters could not be queried
kStatementServerRpcProceduresFailed The RPC procedures could not be queried
kStatementServerTablesFailed The tables could not be queried