Constants: StringTable

Parent: $root.$constants

kStringTableColNotFoundError The specified column could not be found.
kStringTableDefineError The specified table has not been defined.
kStringTableEmptyListError A String Table cannot be created from an empty list.
kStringTableFileCreateError Unable to create String Table File.
kStringTableFileDeleteError Unable to delete String Table File.
kStringTableFileExistsError The specified file already exists.
kStringTableFileNotFoundError Unable to find String Table File.
kStringTableFileOpenError Unable to open String Table File.
kStringTableFileReadError Unable to read String Table File.
kStringTableFileWriteError Unable to write to String Table File.
kStringTableIncorrectParmLen Incorrect Parameter Length.
kStringTableIncorrectParmType Incorrect Parameter Type.
kStringTableIncorrectParmValue Incorrect Parameter Value.
kStringTableMemoryError Unable to allocate memory for the current operation.
kStringTableNoNameError A table name could not be found.
kStringTableNoPathError No pathname was specified.
kStringTableNoTableError A table name has not been specified.
kStringTableNotFound The specified string table could not be found.
kStringTableOK Success.
kStringTableOutOfRangeError The specified number is out of range.
kStringTableParamError Incorrect number of parameters passed.
kStringTableRedefError The specified string table already exists.
kStringTableRequiresConversion The string table cannot be used as it requires conversion.
kStringTableRowNotFoundError The specified row could not be found.