Constants: Welcome

Parent: $root.$constants

kWelcomeAddRecentLibrary Passed to $welcome to add a library to the recently opened libraries list
kWelcomeExecTool Passed to $welcome to execute a tool
kWelcomeLastLibrary Passed to $welcome to return the path of the last library opened by the developer
kWelcomeNewLibrary Passed to $welcome to prompt for a new library
kWelcomePromptForLibrary Passed to $welcome to prompt for a library
kWelcomeRecentLibList Passed to $welcome to return the list of recently opened libraries
kWelcomeToggleStop Passed to $welcome to toggle the flag which stops further calls to the welcome library at startup
kWelcomeWillWelcomeOpen Passed to $welcome to return a Boolean, which is true if the welcome library will open