Parent: $root.$libs


Object specific
$extension If true, the library is an extension library
$freesize The estimated free bytes within the file
$ignoreexternal The ignore external mode for the library
$mvdversion The VCS build date of the component store library that was used to create the mvDesigner classes in the library
$nodebug If true, the debugger is disabled for the library
$pathname The pathname of the file containing the object
$prefs The preference items
$shared If true, the file is open in shared mode
$userlevel The current user level of the library
$vcsbuilddate The date and time when this library was built using the VCS
$vcsbuildersname The name of the user who built this library using the VCS
$vcsbuildnotes The notes entered by the user when this library was built using the VCS
Standard $disksize $isprivate $name $userinfo


$modifypasswords $modifypasswords([bSilent=kFalse]) opens the #PASSWORDS editor dialog. Returns kTrue if dialog opened successfully. It will fail (generating an OK message if bSilent is kFalse) if the library has not been opened by the master user


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