Parent: $root.$libs.LIB.$files


Object specific
$filemode The file open mode
kClosed kMemory kReadonly kReadwrite
$odbcaccessmask Only applies to file class fields, file classes and data file slots. 32 bit mask of the user groups allowed to access the table or column via ODBC
$pathname The path to the class in the folder tree
Standard $classdata $classtype $componenticon $componenttype $createdate $desc $disksize $external $ident $moddate $name $parentfolder$showascheckedout $userinfo $version


$findandreplace $findandreplace(cFind, cReplace [,bIgnoreCase=kTrue, bWholeWord=kFalse, bRegExp=kFalse, bClearLog=kFalse]) Replaces all instances in the class of cFind with cReplace. Returns a row of status information. bClearLog=kTrue clears the log first


$conns $datahead $indexes $objs