Parent: $root.$libs.LIB.$objects


Object specific
$collectperformancedata This property is only applied when $root.$prefs.$collectperformancedata has the value kCPDmarkedClasses. If true, method execution performance data is collected for all methods in the class kFalse kTrue
$editor The name of the editor to use to design this object
$editordata Data as used by an Omnis editor
$objrefcount The count of existing objects of this type created as an object reference
$pathname The path to the class in the folder tree
$selfcontained If true, the class is stored with the object instance
$superclass The name of the superclass for the class
Standard $classdata $classtype $componenticon $componenttype $createdate $desc $designtaskname $disksize $external $ident$issupercomponent $moddate $name $parentfolder $showascheckedout $userinfo $version


$clearperformancedata $clearperformancedata() Clears the performance data for all methods in the class
$findandreplace $findandreplace(cFind, cReplace [,bIgnoreCase=kTrue, bWholeWord=kFalse, bRegExp=kFalse, bClearLog=kFalse]) Replaces all instances in the class of cFind with cReplace. Returns a row of status information. bClearLog=kTrue clears the log first
$isa $isa(rClass) Returns true if the class or instance is a subclass of the specified class
$listrefs $listrefs([bCurTaskOnly=kFalse]) Returns a list of object references to objects that have been allocated using $newref or $newstatementref, and which are still valid. If bCurTaskOnly is kTrue, the list only contains objects in the current task
$makeperformancedatalist $makeperformancedatalist() Returns a list containing the performance data collected for all methods in the class
$makepool $makepool(name [,count=0, hostname, username, password, initmethod]) creates a pool of session objects (this method only applies to an object that is a SQL session object, or a sub-class of a SQL session object)
As well as allocating sessions, $makepool can also call an initialisation method and logon to each session. 
name is the name of the pool, used to identify the pool in the $root.$sessionpools group. 
count is the number of sessions to be created in the pool. 
If initmethod is not empty, then it must have the form "class.method"; Omnis calls the method in the class once for each session created in the pool, allowing you to set initial values for the session. Omnis passes a single parameter to the method, an object reference to the session. 
If the hostname or username parameter is not empty, hostname, username and password are used to log on to the database server (after running the initmethod if specified).
$makesubclass $makesubclass(cName [,bAddLibPrefixForClib=kFalse]) creates a new subclass of the class, with the specified name (which can be prefixed by a library); bAddLibPrefixForClib controls whether $superclass of the new class has a library name prefix
$new $new(parameters) creates and returns a dynamic instance of the object; typically used to return a new object instance to an object variable with no subtype specified
$newref $newref(parameters) creates and returns a dynamic instance of the object to be used with an Object reference variable; typically used to return a new object instance to an object reference variable


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