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The preference items


Object specific
$canfocusbuttons kPlatformdefault or kNofocus or kFocus: indicates if buttons get the focus in this library
$centuryrange The start of the default range for dates entered without a century
$defaultname Default internal library name
$designdpi The DPI (dots per inch) of the application when designed on each platform. A comma separated value: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Windows Mobile DPIs. If you assign this property, the new value does not take effect until you close and re-open the library
$designdpimode A kDPI... constant that specifies the behavior of $designdpi. If you assign this property, the new value does not take effect until you close and re-open the library kDPIall kDPIframeOnly kDPIoff
$designedscreensizes Comma-separated list of JS client screen size constant names. The client and all JS client remote forms in the library use these sizes, their opposite orientation, and kSSZDesktop. Used to populate $screensize for JS client remote forms
$disabledefaultcontextmenu If true, the default context menu for the object will not be generated in response to a context click ($clib.$disabledefaultcontextmenu and $cobj.$disabledefaultcontextmenu must both be false for the menu to be generated)
$disableellipsis If true, headed list boxes do not draw an ellipsis when the displayed value is truncated due to insufficient space
$disablewebservicelogging If true, WSDL Web Service Server logging does not log any requests to services in the library
$exportcontrolcharacters If true, export types which normally map control characters to spaces, leave the data unchanged
$exportedquotes If true, exported text is enclosed in quotes
$fiscalyearend Fiscal end of year date
$fontscale If true, font scaling will happen if $screencoordinates is true
$helpfoldername Name of the help folder for the library in the Omnis HELP folder. The folder must contain a Omnis help file of the same name with .OHF as extension. To include the help on the standard help menu, append ; followed by the menu line text
$hscale Horizontal size of screen when library was set to $screencoordinates
$iconlib Internal name of the alternative library for retrieving icons from #ICONS
$iconset The name of the icon set folder (in the folder html/icons) to be used for the library. Folder names datafile and lib are reserved and cannot be used to name an icon set
$javareturnsnative If true, Java object methods called from the library return native Omnis types if a suitable conversion exists, rather than a Java object; for example, a method returning a Java String object returns an Omnis character value
$justifiedtextthreshold A percentage value,0-100.For fields with justification kJustifiedJst, the minimum percentage of the total field width that an end of paragraph line must occupy before the line of text is expanded to fill the entire field width
$reportcalculationerrors If true, Omnis reports errors that occur during calculation evaluation
$reportnotationerrors If true, notation warnings will be handled as errors
$screencoordinates If true, runtime windows will be scaled by $hscale and $vscale
$sensitivefieldnames If true, field names are case sensitive
$sensitivefilenames If true, file class names are case sensitive
$serverlessclientstringtable The string table (tab-separated value .tsv file in library folder) shared by all JavaScript client remote forms in the library Serverless Client Application File. Only assignable if your serial number enables SC development
$sharedpictures Indicates if Omnis uses shared picture format. One of kSharedPicModeNone, kSharedPicMode256Color and kSharedPicModeTrueColor
$sqlstripspaces If true, Omnis strips trailing spaces from retrieved character columns; provides backwards compatibility with v2 if true
$startuptaskname The name of the startup task class
$styleplatform The field styles platform group to use for this workstation
kiOS kJavaScript kMacintosh kMacOS kMSWindows kUnix
$uniquefieldnames If true, field names must be unique for all file classes in the library
$userexportdelimiter The character the library uses for user-delimited import/export
$v3events If true, compatible v3 events and SNA are generated for windows contained in the library
$vscale Vertical size of screen when library was set to $screencoordinates
$weekstart Day which denotes the beginning of the week, kSunday through to kSaturday
$windowsizeexcludesdockingarea If true, width and height of a window exclude the relevant dimension of the toolbar docking area (does not affect OSX windows with a standard OSX top toolbar as they automatically exclude the docking area)
Standard $keyevents $mouseevents $rmouseevents $statusevents


$booleanformats $dateformats $inputmasks $iosfonts
$javascriptfonts $numberformats $reportfonts $textformats