$root.$libs.LIB.$remotetasks.RESTful REMOTETASK

Parent: $root.$libs.LIB.$remotetasks

Instance notation


Object specific
$basehttpresponseheaders A newline separated string. Each line is an HTTP response header in the form <headername>:<headervalue>. Used to initialise the headers of the response that will be sent to a RESTful Web Service request handled by this remote task
$collectperformancedata This property is only applied when $root.$prefs.$collectperformancedata has the value kCPDmarkedClasses. If true, method execution performance data is collected for all methods in the class kFalse kTrue
$editor The name of the editor to use to design this object
$enablesenddata If true, remote forms in the remote task can use $senddata; otherwise,$senddata has no effect, and Omnis automatically determines the data to send to the client. Note: ignored (and treated as if false) for the JavaScript client
$localtestdata Data used for locally testing remote forms with the local webserver
$localtime If true, the JavaScript client and the Omnis Server exchange date-time values as local time rather than UTC time. All omnisobjects on the same HTML page must use the same value for $localtime
$maxtime The maximum number of minutes for which the remote client is allowed to stay connected. Specify zero to indicate that there is no limit to the duration of the connection
$maxusers Maximum number of remote users connected to this task (number of instances)
$pathname The path to the class in the folder tree
$restful If true, the remote task is RESTful, can have URI objects, and can be part of a RESTful API by setting $restfulapiname. Can only be set to kFalse when the remote task and superclasses have no URI objects
$restfulapiname If not empty, the name of the RESTful API in the library containing the remote task (cannot equal $webservice for remote tasks in lib). Starts with a-z and can only contain a-z,0-9 and _
$stringtable The string table (tab-separated value .tsv file in library folder) shared by all JavaScript client remote form instances in the remote task. Omnis automatically loads it and names it using the library name and file name
$timeout The maximum number of minutes for which the connection to the remote client is allowed to stay idle. Specify zero to allow the connection to remain permanently idle
$webservice If not empty, name of WSDL Web Service containing remote task (cannot equal $restfulapiname for remote tasks in lib); can only contain a-z, 0-9 or _; cannot be prefixed with 'omnis'. Web Service contains $... methods marked as Web Service methods
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$clearperformancedata $clearperformancedata() Clears the performance data for all methods in the class
$findandreplace $findandreplace(cFind, cReplace [,bIgnoreCase=kTrue, bWholeWord=kFalse, bRegExp=kFalse, bClearLog=kFalse]) Replaces all instances in the class of cFind with cReplace. Returns a row of status information. bClearLog=kTrue clears the log first
$isa $isa(rClass) Returns true if the class or instance is a subclass of the specified class
$makeperformancedatalist $makeperformancedatalist() Returns a list containing the performance data collected for all methods in the class
$makesubclass $makesubclass(cName [,bAddLibPrefixForClib=kFalse]) creates a new subclass of the class, with the specified name (which can be prefixed by a library); bAddLibPrefixForClib controls whether $superclass of the new class has a library name prefix


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